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For us, the management of space is about observation and imagination in equal measure…

Constantly seeking a contemporary expression, while building on the past and the present, and visualising the future, architecture must be seen as a total project that is an integral part of our society. It is a whole that expresses life. Shapes, materials, colours, contrasts and combinations determine the alchemy of our practice’s architectural creations.

Creativity, the context and constraints provide the source and the vehicle for our reflection, regardless of the project type: housing, tertiary, commercial, hotel, cultural, public, etc. Our approach seeks to meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We achieve this in particular though the incorporation of sustainable development techniques and new environmental and acoustic standards within our schemes.

This approach also enables us to best take account of the cultural, economic and social contexts within which our designs must exist.

The contextual architectural and town-planning design process must take account of input from the various "creative" and "technical" professionals involved in the building process.


Architects associates :

Serge Roose  
Serge Roose
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  Stéphanie Roose
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Gestion : Pascale Poncelet

Architects: Camille De Smedt, Maialen Garitagoitia, Karim Hamza, Camilia Fares, Alexandru Poliac, Lucie Roy, Steeve Sabatto, Johanna Marx, Sébastien Billiet, Raphaël Bourgeois, Gilles Demol, Guillaume Berna,Victor Launay